Our Services

Combine the services you need.

Every client is unique to us and in need of a solution, tailored for his targets and needs. Therefore we created a unique service portfolio for you.



  • Worldwide physical and digital distribution
  • Digital metadata and asset uploading
  • Physical release setup
  • Physical and digital daily sales assistance
  • Coordination with the account management and sales teams of our partners

            ….and many more!

Advertising, college lifestyle marketing, digital marketing, publicity, brand, strategic marketing, licensing retail marketing, art direction design, and insights available at additional costs. Ask us.


Label Management light

Label Management and distribution services for up to 8 new releases/year


Label Management standard

Label Management and distribution services for up to 16 new releases/year


Label Management premium

Label Management and distribution services for up to 24 new releases/year

AA2 – AA4 INCLUDES all the benefits from AA1 plus all aspects of label management:

  • Sales
  • Digital
  • Production
  • Release planning
  • Inventory management
  • Marketing and PR-plan creation
  • Artist & release lifecycle planning
  • Third party service suggestions & coordination
  • Catalogue exploitation (campaign planning, re-issues assistance, etc.)



Webstore Solution + Tour Supply

  • You have your own customized shops in North America and/or Europe
  • Worldwide delivery
  • We distribute and sell your products through E-commerce, Licensing and retail
  • Print your tour merch with us and deliver overstock back to our store
  • Warehousing, distribution and fulfilment – all in one!
  • Payouts at any time. Get your money when YOU WANT!
  • Access to real-time account balance and inventory reports
  • Biggest selection of raw materials
  • Our webstore coordination includes:

– Stock control
– Tour delivery
– Design assistance
– Accounting assistance and more

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Artist Management + Development

Management Services – probably the most classic of all our services.
Career development including partnering you with record labels, publicists, radio indies, merchandise companies, booking agents, Social media management, etc.


Consulting + Brand Development

We will consult you on band or label development, territory expansion, brand development on a per hour basis.

Service Package on monthly basis available: AA2 + AA5 + AA6  – ask us!


Assembly + Design

  • You have artwork you want to make into a finished product?
  • Create Marketing tools?
  • Get a full Corporate identity assembled?
  • You have a simple cover artwork that you want to make into a finished product?
  • Or create Marketing tools?
  • Get an online and social media presence and strategy?
  • Or get a full Corporate identity assembled?

You now have one of the best artist/designers at your service to create, assemble and/or design artwork.

We can develop and consult you on any artwork or brand development. We will assemble your artwork to any format, design or product you want. We develop and consult you on your artwork, brand development on a per hour or project basis.


Contact us under info@aisamusic.com for a detailed offer and/or our price list.