Who is AISA

AISAmusic is a distribution, label services, management and D2C Webstore solutions firm with offices in Norway, Switzerland, New York and London. The company's efforts are primarily directed towards the music and entertainment industries with a new thinking and a destinct customer focus unlike others. 

AISAmusic was founded by Simon Füllemann (By Norse, Metal Blade Records, Image-In, All Access Agency) and Luis Alvarenga (Spinefarm Records US, RED Distribution, Prosthetic Records and Southern Lord Records), going along with the expansion to North America from its mother company All Access Agency in 2016. Marcelo Vasco, known for epic artworks such as the latest Slayer, Kreator or Machine Head, directs the design department.

Our main target groups are independent labels, artist, bands & brands, agents and organisations. We are focusing mainly on  Independent Music, Folk, Rock and Metal.

Our core competences are;

  • Label Management

  • Distribution Services

  • Webstore Solutions

  • Brand development

  • Band development

  • Strategic networking

  • Product management

  • Project management

  • Event management

We have extensive experience in working in the market and therefore comprehensive knowledge from leading global companies, managing international labels, to developing platinum selling bands and map out worldwide marketing & brand strategies.

AISAmusic is a module based full service provider. You choose and combine different modules according to your targets and needs!

Our Brand & Culture

Building relationships. Creating value. We are connecting you, branding you, building you.

We build relationships with and for you. We use our expertise to work with you to create value you are looking for.

We share knowledge.
We invest in teamwork.
We support transparency.
We respect and value differences.

By solving complex business challenges worldwide, we aim to enhance your ability to manage risk, challenges, problems and improve performance.

In order to succeed in endeavours, we must grow and develop, both as individuals and as a business. Our core values of excellence, teamwork and leadership help us to achieve this growth together with you.

Your creation isn’t only art, it’s a business.

With the diversification and the digital shift, the entertainment industry is moving towards a service-based industry worldwide. A service-based thinking is required.

The traditional cultural environment, especially the entertainment industry is changing fast. Independent & smaller industry players have less and less outlets to distribute their product but need to invest more and more into visibility in competitive markets.

Building your own North American or European branch is capital intensive and the shrinking physical market volume and the digital income that is not covering the physical downside, is making the market entry and return on investment an even bigger hurdle. And still, especially niche genres, depend on physical formats and a mix of all format revenue streams still.

Many consumers don’t have the same predilection for amassing collections of recordings or to go to concerts anymore. Over the past years more devises, more channels, more stores, more options overall have been rising. New market opportunities opened up. Everything is one mouse click away and format diversification is a reality. Overall, the offers to enjoy music has multiplied in many different ways.

New forms of how to build brands, design and sell products, set up events or expose talent are necessary.



Mail: info@aisamusic.com




Contact person:

North America
Luis Alvarenga

Head of North America

Melanie Duperrex

Junior Manager and Sales & Distribution

Ivar Storm Peersen
 (aka Bjørnson)
Head of Nordics

Merlin Sutter

Head of UK

Kate Piatkowska
Head of UK

Design departement
Marcelo Vasco

Head of Art Departement

Simon Füllemann

Simon is also TEACHING & LECTURING all over the world, offering you several specific courses that give you insight into the state of music industry of today. From a basic introduction into the music industry, over teach you how to run a band or a label, show you how to build your network to giving you an in depths view on modern music and management. Each course can be used individually or combined in our step-by-step program.

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