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“When setting up our new US webstore I did quite a bit of exploring of different solutions and partners and discovered quickly that there are a lot of unserious and slow working companies out there. After teaming up with AISA the tempo-shift was unbelievable and the US Wardruna store was up and running within days. Like Swiss clockwork!”
Einar Selvik / Wardruna

“We’re of course very happy to have signed an agreement with the newly launched AISA/Sony Red initiative, and believe strongly in our new partnership. With Luis already on board spearheading our US operations and now involving Luis/Simon on this will add a very important piece to the foundation of what we’re building together.”
Carl-Marcus Gidlöf & Omer Akay / Despotz Records

“We are very excited to work with AISA on our new North America set up. For us this is a unique opportunity to get into this market on terms that are tailor made for our catalogue, size and profile. The new set up offers us a much higher level of control and market insight than before, and we expect sales and exposure to increase significantly. So far our experience with AISA have been very positive and we are happy to further pursue the cooperation.”
Bjørnar Erevik Nilsen / Karisma & Dark Essence Records

“Indivisible Music is a label started primarily to release music from a variety of groups which include Blind Idiot God guitarist Andy Hawkins and myself. Partnering with AISA allows us to spend more time working on music, knowing that various aspects of the business side are well-handled. Luis & Simon have a hell of a lot of experience. In 2 weeks, they made happen what would have taken us 2 years. I highly recommend them for any label that needs a good kick in the pants.”
Tim Wyskida / Indivisible Music / Blind Idiot God

“I am thrilled to start the cooperation with AISA! They are simply the best company to spread our releases and merchandise throughout North America for us! The complete area is being covered, into every corner, throughout numerous stores as well as our own brand new US store! Dedication, sophistication, together we ride!“
Jorn / Soulseller Records

“SusannaSonata is a small independent label, started in 2011 to handle the back catalogue for Norwegian artist Susanna // Susanna and the Magical Orchestra but soon evolved into a platform for Susanna’s new releases and collaborations. The label has won two Norwegian Grammys in Open Category in 2013 and 2014 for the releases Susanna & Ensemble neoN ‘The Forester’ and Jenny Hval & Susanna ‘Meshes of Voice’, besides releasing the avant garde electronic collaboration Minibus Pimps (John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin and Helge Sten of Supersilent) ‘Cloud To Ground’, and American The Cairo Gang’s ‘Twyxt Wyrd’ digitally. We’re excited about the collaboration with AISA to build a bigger standing in the North American marked.”
Susanna / Susanna Sonata

“Breaking into the European market has always been a challenge, especially in finding the right partner(s) who understand the label’s vision and know what the intended goals are for the label.  It’s been a never ending search and struggle for the label to build awareness in Europe but I believe working with Simon/AISA is the right step for Profound Lore to take in order to build the label’s profile in Europe even more.”
Chris Bruni / Profound Lore Records

“I have worked with Simon and Luis for some years now and I always surprised me with their perceptiveness, excitement and agile way of working. It’s contagious! Giant professionals that everyone should have at hand. I’m lucky and happy to have AISA as a working partner and I hope to keep it for a long time. Can’t wait to see what we can build together in this promising new year. Wonderful!”
Marcelo Vasco / Patria, PR2Design

“For 10 years, I’ve been managing SubRosa myself, which I love, but can take up to 20 hours a week in addition to my full-time job. I chose AISA to partner to alleviate the burden because of their experience, knowledge, drive, strong work ethic and integrity. They are in this because they love music and they love what they do, first and foremost, just like the five members of SubRosa. I saw a reflection of our values in them.” – Rebecca Vernon / SubRosa