27-10-2016 - Hail Spirit Noir shared the full streaming of new album “Mayhem in Blue”!

Hail Spirit Noir just shared the full streaming of their new album "Mayhem in Blue", out 28th October on our clients Dark Essence Records! READ MORE

25-10-2016 - Enslaved new single “Heimvegen” Premiere

Today Oct. 25th, our clients Enslaved revealed "Heimvegen", the first single from their upcoming album "The Sleeping Gods - Thorn", out November 11th on By Norse Music! READ MORE

22-10-2016 - Tiebreaker’s “Death Tunes” is out on our clients Karisma Records!

Kick back, grab a beer, and let the "Death Tunes" commence! READ MORE

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All about us

All Independent Service Alliance is a Distribution, Label Services, Management and D2C solution company. AISA is a module-based full service provider.


Brand and culture

We are building relationships and are creating value for you. We are the independent company for forward-thinking people. We are connecting you, branding you, building you.



With the diversification and the digital shift, the entertainment industry is moving towards a service-based industry worldwide. A service-based thinking is required.


Our Services - a module based approach!

Distribution - Place your products in any outlet!
Label Services - Build your label and be visible!
D2C solutions - Have access and sell directly to your clients!
Management - Maximize your brand!
Consulting - Get help where you need it!
Design - Give your brand a face!


Clients – experience AISA

“We’re of course very happy to have signed an agreement with the newly launched AISA/Sony Red initiative, and believe strongly in our new partnership. ...this will add a very important piece to the foundation of what we’re building together.”